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A Mission to Impact Humanity

The Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation (“ABMF” – “Moñozca Foundation”) is a European based organization with representative offices in Singapore and Dubai. The ABMF has it’s roots in the central Philippines since the early 1990’s serving the needy.

From its humble beginnings as an organization providing medical missions, educational scholarships and feeding programs, today the Moñozca Foundation prides itself as a global entity with numerous alliances & partnerships which impact the lives of humanity as a whole. The ABMF has now embarked on playing a key role to balance the singularity factor between Humanity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to continually expand it’s network as a family office to impact humanity.

The succession of the ABMF stems from a family of doctors whose passion to help those in need has been a cornerstone of its advocacy for the people.

BIO of Chairman, Board of Trustees

Mr. Paul Infante Moñozca

Paul Infante Moñozca chairs the Moñozca Family Office and the board of trustees of the award winning Moñozca Foundation. He was responsible from developing the F.O. and foundation with its roots in the central Philippines to a leading global philanthropic organization since 2003 to the present, now based in Monaco, France. He has been credited as the architect of the world’s first cross border fund transfer & payment system using Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) in the 1990’s with various multi-national banks and postal companies, after which he founded one of the world’s leading philanthropic funds based in Europe which has evolved into the leading private-sector led Universal Basic Income (UBI) platform participated in by a consortium of family offices with the advocacy to cushion the advent of “Technological Singularity” to protect Humanity.                                        

His most challenging investment today which is linked to the UBI platform is a “Continuity of Conscience (COC)” Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) protocol which enables humanity to transfer it’s thought process to meta humans and avatars with a multitude of applications including security, banking, media and especially for the space exploration and travel industry.

His business and philanthropic interests based in the United Kingdom (UK), European Union (EU), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore and the Philippines include the Formula Green Corporation (Renewable Energy), Bangko Maharlika Ltd. (Decentralized Banking), Avatar Ark Artificial Intelligence Ltd. (A.I.), Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Ltd. (Resorts & Family Entertainment), Bargain Bay Membership Shopping UK Ltd., (online outlet mall), Hacienda Pacita Philippines Inc. (Agriculture) and Parmon Group Holdings Inc. (Property).

He has served as keynote speaker in key summits in Switzerland (Nov 2022), Dubai (Jan 2022), Singapore (June 2022) and Malaysia (October 2022) attended by family offices, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and monarchies in recognition of his advocacy on addressing ‘Technological Singularity’ and the need for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to protect humanity.

His awards and recognitions during his career also  includes his efforts with the Philippine Embassy in Singapore for his support for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) for returning overseas workers (OFW’s – 2000) ; the Rotary Club of Suntec City (Singapore’s Silicon Valley) as guest speaker for philanthrocapitalism (2002) ; Singapore’s Laguna National Golf Club for his charitable contributions (2005) ; the 24th South East Asian Games for his support in the training of the Philippine National Basketball Team (2007) and Oracle Corporation’s (USA) Global Partner Award (2000). 

He was awarded the “Sporting Singapore Inspirational Award” in 2006 by the Singapore government and the Singapore Sports Council for his patronage and charitable contributions in sports in the lion city. He also currently serves as Chairman of the American Basketball Association Global (www.abaglobalgames.com) in the United States since 2010, is on the advisory board of the Legends Team Cup (Tennis) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is also a patron of the Formula One, Polo, Golf and Yachting events.

He has been a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and is a member of the Forbes conference circle since 2005. He has also taken the leadership role of the Official Maharlika Association (OMA), one of the world’s largest “identity & cultural preservation” movements in Asia and is also the global ambassador for BPUR International (UK), which advocates the ‘International Treaty Banning the Political Use of Religion’, represented by key religious leaders and diplomats with a reach in over 60 countries worldwide.

He was included in the 2022 gold edition coffee table book, “Who’s Who Of The World” alongside 100 illustrious dignitaries from around the world whose work has had a tremendous impact on Humanity and is only one of 3 recipients of the “Keeper of the Light” Award, for his work in the preservation of key resources vital to our world’s survival and for providing a voice for the marginalized. He was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities (honoris causa) from the Universidad Azteca in Mexico, an educational institution with a tradition in commemorating the fighting spirit of the Aztec Warriors.

In 2023, he has been awarded the “The Business Leader of the Year Award” for Banking & Finance by the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry for his work in creating the world’s first private-sector led Universal Basic Income (UBI) framework for the banking industry where the value of natural resources cushions the impact of Singularity and Automation advocating a “Resource Based Economy”. He has also been bestowed the India based “World Peace & Diplomacy Organization’s (WPDO) Medal of Valor”, for his philanthropic, humanitarian services and social work.

For 2024, he has been awarded the “Icon of Sustainability Award” by Dubai thru its Impact Leadership Conference Committee for his work in preserving humanity’s way of life thru Universal Basic Income (UBI) and has also been bestowed with the “Ambassador of Knowledge Award” by the Life Learning Academia of Slovenia, which recognizes human capital talent which has proven themselves in innovative and impactful ideas for humanity.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Paul has worked for Singapore based companies such as Quaker Oats (Gatorade), Siemens (handling its sponsorship for Music Television (MTV) & the McLaren-Mercedes F1 Team), Andersen Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting / Banking & Capital Markets / Corporate Finance / Deals from 1992 to 2010.

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