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The Moñozca Family Office is a world leader in addressing the “Singularity” event where Humanity and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) converge as one. Addressing the loss and displacement of jobs is a high priority and sustainable solutions are needed to protect global peace and security. This is the main advocacy of our F.O. in ensuring that philanthropy or ‘philanthrocapitalism’ maintains it’s impact in protecting humanity itself and enforcing world peace focused on a “Resource Based Economy”.

The Moñozca Family Office is embedded in a private-sector led “Universal Basic Income” (UBI) platform which is currently the world leader aiming to provide support income to over 1Billion people by 2040. With a diverse natural resources and energy portfolio backing it’s digital assets program and integrated in it’s UBI platform, the value of over 50 to 100 years from selected assets valuable to humanity is used to supplement the income of the human race as it adjusts to a world now run by A.I., metahumans, avatars, metaverses and decentralized finance.

Thru the Dr. AB Moñozca Foundation and it’s network of grassroots “rapid response” teams, we are able to ensure that support at the most critical times reach the people directly. We have as our 25th anniversary statement of our foundation, “IMPACT HUMANITY”.

As we work with key family offices around the world and selected philanthropic funds, we welcome organizations and companies which understand that dividends to key clusters of growth which protects humanity itself are key to our survival. The keys are held by preserving our race, culture and history thru sanctuary cities, protective government policies, bridging special economic zones and most of all, protecting our historical identities which provide our race with opportunities during transitions. The issue of controlling humanity remains our biggest threat.

Moving forward, we envision a world where the human race has an option for a new beginning, a world where the balance of wealth benefits humanity as a whole and for our species to migrate peacefully beyond our world.

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